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Mood Disorders

Clients who suffer from these disorders often experience guilt over their inability to control their sadness, unstable moods, and impulsive behavior. Read More...

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders affect approximately ten percent of the population. Those who suffer from these disorders experience excessive levels of fear and stress over daily life activities. Read More...

Psychiatric Disorders

At least ten percent of the population will struggle with a biologically based mental illness at some point in their lives. Read More...

Who Are We

Welcome to Richard A Waldman MD, private Psychiatric practitioner centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia. Richard A Waldman MD offers psychopharmacological management and psychotherapy for adults with a range of mental health disorders. Dr,Waldman specializes in Adult General Psychiatry and Addictionology. Dr. Richard A. Waldman graduated from the University of South Florida Medical School in 1998. He completed his residency at Emory University Department of Psychiatry in 2002. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr, Waldman provides mental health diagnostic medication management, and psychotherapeutic services to residents of the Greater Atlanta area and surrounding environs.

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What We Do

Please explore our website and review the various treatment modalities offered by Dr. Richard A. Waldman, M.D. The section on psychiatric disorders may also give you insight into a disorder you may be struggling with at this time. It is important to note that if you feel that you have symptoms of one or more disorders listed, you may want to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options.

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