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About Richard A Waldman MD

Richard A Waldman MD established his practice 18 years ago in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia to provide private, confidential, and personalized psychiatric treatment. His practice was developed with the vision of offering affordable, accessible, and effective mental health care to residents of Atlanta and the surrounding environs. Dr, Waldman is caring, compassionate, and dedicated to assisting clients in achieving better mental health and improved quality of life.

Richard A Waldman MD believes in a holistic approach to therapy that integrates body, mind and spirit. Dr, Waldman uses an evidence based approach to treatment. He provides psychopharmacological management of a wide range of psychiatric conditions. In addition to medication management, he offers psychotherapy services which incorporate aspects of psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and relational approaches. Dr. Waldman provides services to adults starting at age 18. He treats the full range of mental health issues including substance abuse and dependence. Please contact Dr. Waldman, M.D. to schedule your initial evaluation.

Richard Waldman

Phone: (404) 841-0641

Richard Waldman is an experienced Psychiatrist with many years of experience in treating patients in the Atlanta areas.